Holiday orders – What you need to know!

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer despite the pandemic still hanging over us all!
I have been meaning to make this post last month, but for some reason, I got very busy with orders and life in general.
The topic however is a very important one that I hope you all will keep in mind whenever you wanna order from my shop because it could be the difference between getting an order accepted or denied.

As many of you already know, I am running this business by myself which means I make my designs, I make the orders, pack them and ship them all alone. These things take time and especially when there’s a deadline which a lot of people seem to have in common such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, Easter, birthdays, and such.
Therefore I would highly suggest to people that if you are interested to buy anything “custom especially” as a present for someone, make sure you order/request in advance.
This is especially during November and December when the postal service is being extremely busy with letters and packages which may not guarantee that the orders arrive in time.
Not everyone likes to think about Christmas preparations this early, but for me, it’s kind of a must because I want as many as possible to be able to order from me if they really want something or see something that would be a perfect gift for a loved one <3
I’m still pretty new to the deadline time and as time goes and my shop progresses it might change, but as of right now I would say order 2-3 months before the actual celebration date for the big holidays.

With that said I hope everyone is having a great autumn and I will see you all soon with some new stuff!

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