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    If you want to order a custom product, or a product with an existing design this is the place to be!
    Fill in the form to start the process!

    What happens next:
    Over the next few days you will receive a quote for you order, this quote includes material costs, estimated shipping and handling as well as any commissioned art.

    After you have approved the quote and provided your Paypal email, you will be invoiced. Once the invoice is paid, work on your item(s) will start.
    Norwegian customers are recommended to use VIPPS!

    Can’t find a premade design on the list that you know I have made? No worries, just let me know which design you had in mind and it might be available! Since I have made so many designs over the years I can’t list everything, but would love to know what people are interested in! Have a look at my art portfolio and my deviantart

    The more detailed description of any order, the faster I can confirm and start working on it!
    This could be everything from placement, background, color, text/font & other specifications.
    Things I won’t make: Please be aware that I won’t accept orders which would be deemed as “NSFW” which means I won’t make anything with sex, gore, or similar stuff.

    Please note:
    This is a one-person business. All items are made to order, and restocking may affect your purchase. Please don’t hesitate to ask for updates on your order and specific time estimates.

    Thank you for your patronage and patience.